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Locker 13 - Allsort Range - Footstool €160

The allsort range is an exercise in material salvage and re-use. Each piece is unique and built up using a multitude of materials all sourced from manufacturers in Dublin. Materials included are acrylic, plywood, lino, foamex, felt, hardboard and fabric. The fabrics used for the upholstered cushions on the stool and footstool have also been salvaged from fabric suppliers.
We have combined the chunky, layered top with legs made from staircase spindles. Each spindle has been cut into three parts and then each of these parts becomes a leg for a table, a stool and a foot-stool. A channel through the layers created a handle, or a place for your newspaper, or indeed a spy-hole for a young child.
Each piece is unique, colourful and shows us sometimes “more is more” and that the sheer selection of materials in each stool gives it a distinct and interesting character. A range of different colours are available for the upholstered cushion and particular fabrics can be specified.
Salvaged off-cuts of acrylic, lexan, plywood, lino, expanded pvc foam, felt, hardboard, aluminium and upholstary fabric.
Please enquire as to the current cushion colours in stock, the body of the pieces are made from salvaged material and as such are unique in terms of their exact colour make up.
Stool: Height: 420mm Width: 250mm Depth: 250mm
Foot-stool: Height: 460mm Width: 250mm Depth: 250mm
Table: Height: 300mm Width: 400mm Depth: 250mm

€ 160

Designers have always designed the future – giving shape to something that did not exist before. Every design seeks to be a step towards a better world – happier, more beautiful and intelligent. The Malthouse Team of design professionals offer their Design skills which are seen both through products, objects of use, simple, beautiful in our gallery space, and through service from the team who also work on consultancy projects undertaken individually or in collaboration.

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