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Sipp Mack Eau de Vie Marc de Gewürztraminer

Origin: , Fruit Brandies Alcohol: 45% Volume: 700 ml Type: Brandy Marc is grape pomace; the residual skins and seeds left behind after pressing. Marc d'Alsace must be distilled only from this dry residue, absent of grape juice (Italian grappa is made in a very similar way). Because only dry skins and pips are used to make these spirits, the resulting product has less of a fruity character than an eau-de-vie distilled from wine, and is reliant more on mouth-feel than flavour to show its qualities. On the other hand, Gewurztraminer retains more flavour in its marc than most other grapes, which is precisely why the AOC covers only those eaux-de-vie produced from this aromatic variety.

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Mitchell and Son Wine Merchants is currently run by the 6th and 7th generations of the Mitchell family. Like Mitchells, many of the other companies in the wine trade were family businesses, but one by one they were taken over by multinationals. Mitchells always resisted this option, preferring to keep the company within the control of the Mitchell family: so it remains to this day the only wine company in Ireland of its era to be owned and run by the descendants of the founder. Mitchells have always looked at opportunities to improve and expand their business. In November 2008, the family sold the building in Kildare Street and moved to the CHQ Building in the thriving financial centre (IFSC) in Dublin 1.

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